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Arte para Bebés (The Arts for Babies)

Lower the curtain! Raise the curtain! Theater for children under 6 years old seems like an audacious idea, but, contrary to what we might think, small children are an ideal audience because they feel the artistic and sensory expressions presented by the actors and artists. La Casa Incierta (The Uncertain House) is an innovative and pioneering theater company in the performing arts for early childhood. In addition to designing its presentations based on the evidence of the role of art in early development, the company offers workshops and disseminates information to families and teachers. The company shows how these experiences can strengthen the ties between parents and their children and how to transform parents into playmates and partners in exploration and adventure.


Early stimulation is critical for the cognitive, socio-emotional, and language development of children. Language and artistic expression offer opportunities for sensory, play, and exploratory experiences that can contribute to early development, However, there are few such programs that specialize in early childhood. It is important to generate creative alternatives that attract the attention not only of parents but that also appeal to children and employ practices that are effective in reaching out to them.


La Casa Incierta is an internationally recognized theater company and a pioneer in the performing arts for early childhood. The design, topics, and decisions about their presentations are based on evidence of the role of artistic language in the development of children. During presentations, the sensory experiences stimulate and emotionally touch the children. In addition, the company has shared its learning and experiences with educators, families, and those responsible for public policy. Through workshops with parents and educators, the company highlights the importance of play, creativity, and exploration. The imagination is a tool that enables parents to become playmates and partners in adventure with their children, so parents are invited to carefully observe their children, imitate their movements, and explore things with them.

Evaluation and Impact

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Basic data

Target population
Girls and Boys (0-3) years
Girls and Boys (3-5) years
Cognitive development
Socio-emotional development
La Casa Incierta
Start date
Advanced stage
Type of Intervention
Psychosocial care and stimulation
Delivery mode
Group sessions